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Who am I really?

Is it a stupid question to ask?

Superficially it may be, because the answer is obvious: You and I both have a thumb print, facial configuration and a DNA profile that’s unique, and a name and date of birth to label us.
But is that all we are?

Who are you really?

To the government you may be a number, a bar code, an address for a future tax bill.
To your boss or clients, a desk on which to dump impossible or frustrating  tasks.
To your staff, younger ones in your school or street, or to some family members: an excuse for all their unhappiness.
To businesses around you, you are a wallet holding a few dollars.

If you are young and beautiful, you are to many passing by, a piece of flesh that they want to use for their own satisfaction, and then walk away, dumping you like a used paper cup or empty plastic bottle. No regard for your soul — for the real you inside you.

And to some you are just a pain in the neck.

Who are you really?

Like many around us, your view of  yourself may be coloured by a century and a half old book, The Origin of Species.   To Darwin and his followers you are simply a cluster of chemicals reacting in strange and unpredictable ways.  You are mere coincidence. You have no real purpose.  No real objective apart from surviving, trampling on others as you do so, because only the fittest survive.  And it’s also perfectly fine if you are trampled on by others, because they may be the fitter ones who will make it.  There is no right or wrong, only surviving and passing on the opportunity to survive and trample on others to your own offspring, rather than to the offspring of others.

Is that really all you are?

There is another book. 
A book much older than Darwin’s. 
A book that describes you as an artistic expression.  You are described as someone who is planned, who is willed, who is wanted, knitted together in you mother’s womb by a fascinating, powerful, passionate personality who cares for you intensely.

Created to love and to be loved.
Created to contribute and make this world a better place.
Created with curiosity and the ability to learn, to discover and explore.
Created to pass on lessons life taught you to the curious ones you find around you.
Created with an ability to connect with the powerful passionate personality, the giver of life.

Whatever you do in life, get hold of a copy of that book.  It is a book that was whispered centuries ago.  And when you get a copy, don't blunder into it carelessly.

Read carefully.  Read prayerfully.  Hear the whisper behind the words.  Look into that book as into a mirror.  Begin a lifelong journey of discovering who you really are; how much you are cared for; how to take care of the you inside you, and how you can contribute in making this world a better place. 

You are not a nobody.  Not a number or barcode.  Not the mere bearer of  a wallet holding a few petty dollars.  Not a dumping place for undesirable tasks or the undesirable feelings of others.  Not a piece of flesh to be used and discarded. Not a mere coincidence. Not someone trampling on others or reduced to fodder for others to trample upon.

A painting’s value is not determined by calculating the cost of the canvas and the chemical colourants.  A painting’s value is determined by two other factors:  The beauty it expresses, and the identity of the artist.

May you discover your value.  Not the water, carbon and chemical process that is you, but the beauty expressed in you and through you. And by getting to know the artist, the magnificent maker of you and of me.

Who are you really? 

Have you looked in a mirror and asked the question? Have you scrutinised  that ancient book? Have you torn off the masks?  Have you been whispering as a prayer:

“Who am I then?

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